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Thread: Procedure to apply for a passport in India

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    Procedure to apply for a passport in India

    Hello People,

    I am looking for the procedure to apply for a passport. Each one is giving different procedure to apply for a passport, kindly help with the correct procedure. And also let me know the documents required for it.


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    Hey Dude,

    It’s very simple…. All that you have to do is, visit the passport office nearby your place and do the following:

    a) Firstly you must fill-in Form 1.
    b) Then fill-in two personal particulars forms. If you have stayed more than at one address during the last one year, then you should fill in the details in form1.
    c) Provide proof of residence, please submit more than one proof.
    d) Provide proof of date of birth from prominent authority.
    e) For ECNR, you must submit 10 STD certificate as proof.

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    You can apply even in tatkaal scheme if you need the passport urgently, But you need to have the all the ID prof. I was able to if the doc you will need to get and urgent passport in tatkaal scheme. Just click on the URL link given below and go through the link given if you have the required doc you can apply for the passport.


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