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Thread: Advice In Cheque Bounce Case

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    Advice In Cheque Bounce Case

    I am a working women, I have basic tendency to help people under poverty line and I do lend private loans for people who are in need, likewise I lend 50,000/- money in cash for my neighbors friend and he gave me a cheque dated 2months afterward… I put the cheque on given date but it got bounced, I tried calling that person to inform this crisis but he is not picking up and he also not residing in the place where he told me??? What should I do in this case??

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    Well, firstly send him a legal notice to the current residence address concerning issues
    If you did not find and positive reaction, kindly go to the nearest police station and file a criminal case against him.
    Then find a recognized lawyer to move the case legally, during the case period you have chances of spending much time going to court and there are chances of spending money for people at the court premises… But finally you will get all penalties charged….

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    Hey krishnaveni,

    By reading your post i came to know that you have been cheated by your neighbour’s friend.Then the first thing you have to do is, catch hold of your neighbor because, they know very well about that person. Since he is your neighbour’s friend there are chances that they will know his house. If you find him then you can easily ask him your money back. If this doesn’t work then you can better send a legal notice to him as sparkegirl suggested. Try this, it will definitely help you......

    Hope u understood!

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