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Thread: How to Apply for Ration Card Online in Karnataka

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    How to Apply for Ration Card Online in Karnataka

    Hi All,

    Is there a procedure to apply for a ration card online in Karnataka? What are the documents required for those who are staying in a rural area? Can everyone apply for a ration card? Please clear my doubts. I’ll be eagerly waiting for your precious replies.

    Thank You guys!

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    Yes Dude. There is a procedure to follow for applying a ration card. Firstly Karnataka Department of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer deals with the registration for Ration Card through Online Application. You can refer the official link of (http://ahara.kar.nic.in).

    As you specified ration card for rural areas, in rural areas, the registration for Ration Card will be done through Grama Panchayath Office costing you Rs.10.

    Ration Card can be applied by the families who don’t own a ration card, members of the divided families, newly married couples, temporary card holders whose card is expired and it can be renewed.

    The documents required for applying for a ration card in rural area is:

    • Grama Panchayath Name
    • Residential Address
    • Duration of residence in the present house
    • LPG Connection details
    • Land Records
    • Date of Birth of all family members
    • Profession & Annual Income
    • Contact Details / Phone / Mobile Number
    • Email ID (If available)
    • House Property Number details
    • Electricity RR No. & Connection details
    • Name of the Family Members & Relationship

    I hope you were satisfied by my reply and useful.

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    Not anybody can apply for Ration card, only these below categories are allowed to pertain it.

    • Families who don’t hold ration card.
    • Temporary ration card holders can apply if their card is lapsed.
    • Newly Married.
    • Members of divided families.

    I hope everybody must make use of this governmental benefits.

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