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Thread: Effects of Divorce on Children

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    Effects of Divorce on Children

    HI friends

    I am married . I have one son who is 2 years old. and my husband is not taking caring of me and my son he always torch er us. By beating me and he don't have any responsibilities to take care of family. so i thought to divorce. but i am thinking about my son is it really Effects Divorce on Children future can any one guide me please

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    Every family have the problem . Please never take any wrong decision. It may take time to change but you need wait patiently. of course it will really effect your son they effect very psychologist way. But still if you want to proceed for divorce you need to do this all so that it may not effect the children

    Be available to answer the question
    put the child needs first
    Do not argue in front of others parents in front of child
    Do not expect you child to meet the emotional needs

    Parents should know about the children they never express their feeling to every one. but as the parents you have to understand it . it will really effect the health, of the son psychology way. your children need both love and affection from mother and father

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