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Thread: Good Place to Stay In Pondicherry?

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    Good Place to Stay In Pondicherry?

    Hi all,

    You all know that, for what reason boys hit Pondicherry! Yeah, for the same reason, I’ve visited Pondicherry many times with my close buddies. But that is not the case, this time. I am planning to go with my fiancée. Many of my friends advised me to check on the safety and security measures, as I am going with my girlfriend.

    Can anyone tell me, the good place to stay in Pondicherry???

    Eagerly waiting for your replies!!!

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    Hey Dude,

    Well said!!! You have chosen a pleasant destination for a getaway with your fiancée.

    If we are hanging out with friends, then it’s not all a problem for rooms, food, etc. we, guys will adjust with anything. I personally suggest you to look for the top hotels in Pondicherry. I think this list will be useful to you…

    Anandha Inn
    Pondicherry Ashok Inn
    Hotel Annamalai
    Mass Hotel
    Hotel d'Orient
    La Maison Natura

    If your fiancée is calm in nature, and if she loves peaceful destination; you can also make your stay in Aurobindo Ashram. Here you’ll find the prices to b reasonable. You can also choose Park Guest House, which is right by the beach and owned by Aurobindo Ashram.

    Now, it’s up to you to decide! To avoid wastage of time, book everything in advance whatever the choice may be!

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    Pondicherry is a great place in India for travel . pondicherry has many attraction which attract people from all around the world. there are also many hotels which is safe and very famous.

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    Yup! Pondicherry is one of the best places for bashing in India! If you girl is enthusiast of water places, then I think you have chosen a right place to date with Fiancé

    Anyways, as we all know during post independence period most of the British rulers resided for long period of time in Pondicherry to annoy India. From that period to this date, people who are resided in that particular land are structuring mass protection materials to safeguard themselves. Likewise, the resorts and hotels presented at that territory also has healthy security. Well, these are hotels and resorts with best accommodation in Pondicherry

    Nalla Eco Beach Resort
    Alamaram Street, Chinnakalapet
    Pondicherry – 605014

    St. James Court Beach Resort
    Chinna Kalapet
    Pondicherry – 605014

    Le Dupleix
    No. 5 Rue De La Caserne
    Pondicherry – 605001

    Kailash Beach Resort
    Poornankuppam Village, Ariankuppam Commune
    Pondicherry - 605007

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