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Thread: divorce

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    i want divorce on mutual consent, but my husband not staying with me for last 3 years and i dont know where he is,not contactable, i dont want to be party at his any matters, i dont want to take responsibility of any of his debts repayment,
    what shoul i do?

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    See in this case, firstly you must do FIR at the nearest police station telling hubby absconding. Then find a reputed & promising lawyer to fight for mutual divorce at court.

    The following are some more Legal instructions need to be followed to gain divorce when spouse is missing:-

    1. Notice to the spouse can be through “Service By Publication”
    2. To the court you must provide all kind of proof that you made to find your hubby.
    3. Once the court approves your effort, you can further publish in a local newspaper telling missing spouse of the divorce proceedings in process.
    4. After a given time-frame, if the missing spouse does not respond, by default divorce would be granted legally.

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    yes go with sparklegirl post ...its the procedure...

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