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Thread: Procedure for applying death certificate

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    Procedure for applying death certificate

    Hello People,

    I wanna know the details of the death certificate application. How to apply it? As we all know it is the certificate provided by the government according to the law. First and foremost thing that people follow is when the person dies in a hospital; they get the registered the time and date. I wanna know will all the districts provide this certificate?

    Kindly supply some replies to get a detailed idea on it.

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    Yep, death certificate is given by the government as per the law. All the districts have preserved an office for issuing the death certificate. When a person dies, a written document is been issued to the relative of the dead person from the office where the cremation will be performed. The information required to obtain a death certificate are:

    The deceased’s:

    • Social security card.
    • Occupation at time of death.
    • Address, including county and zip code.
    • Surviving spouse's name.
    • Parent’s names.
    • Place of burial, including cemetery section.

    Certified copies of a death certificate can only be released to:

    • A parent or legal guardian
    • A child, grandparent, sister, brother, or spouse, or
    • An attorney who represents the deceased or the estate.

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    Both birth and death certificates are very important document, which is given by the government of every country including India. You require this for various government schemes. When coming to the application format, you need to apply it within 21 days from the death. It is available online on indolegal.com. All you need to do is fill the form, sign it and submit online. You need provide documents like identity proof of the dead person, affidavit stating the date and time of death. Once you are done with this, the indolegal team will forward it to concerned authorities. The rest will be taken care by them.

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