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Thread: Group Discussion Interview Tips

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    Group Discussion Interview Tips

    Hi friends,

    My sister who is doing her final year B.E – Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering is preparing hard for her campus interview, which is going to be held on Friday. She is very much sure that she’ll crack the Aps Question Paper and Personal Interview. Only thing which threatens her a lot is Group Discussion.

    I would like to know, some of the tips and protocols to crack the GD session???

    Eagerly waiting for your replies!!!

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    Hey Sri,

    Most of the companies give huge importance to the Group Discussion as this is one of the ways to filter the candidates for Face-to-Face Interview and this will help them to know the candidates’ leadership qualities, decision-making skills, communication skills, attitude, listening skills and so on.

    Always do remember that “making a good impression while speaking in meetings or interview is the basic skill every professional should have”.

    Some of the tips to be followed to gain credits in GD are:

    • Always maintain eye contact not only at the evaluators but also with every team member while speaking.

    • Language used should be simple, direct and straight forward.

    • The candidates having sound knowledge on different topics like politics, finance, economy, science and technology can easily go through GD.

    • Initiating the GD will be a plus. This should be done after understanding the GD topic clearly. If you are not sure about the topic of discussion, it is better not to initiate.

    • Always adopt the “Wait and Watch Attitude”. Listen attentively to others, may be you would be able to come up with a point or two later.
    • Maintain rapport with fellow participants and do not try to dominate anyone.

    • Convey your thoughts in short and simple language and no need to go into much detail.

    Hope, this will help your sister to come through GD. Best of luck!!!

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    Speak confidently.
    Go through different topics about current affairs, events in history etc. before the interview and practise.
    Practise in front of a mirror or a friend.
    Be bold.
    Maintain eye contact.
    Be yourself!

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    Be strong and Bold
    Dont get nervousness into your face
    Try to surf about the company where you are going for interview
    Hope it will help you ALL THE BEST!

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