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Thread: Basic Interview Tips for Freshers

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    Basic Interview Tips for Freshers

    Hello everyone,

    You all know that this is the odd semester for all college-goers. That too, for final-year students - this is the toughest time, as they have to concentrate both on their semester exams as well as on campus preparations. Being a final year student, I would like to know some of the basic interview tips for freshers.

    Kindly help me on this!

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    Hey Dude,

    Try to appear engaging and interested. Don’t trot out the same old preset responses to the questions that are to be asked in interviews. Try to add your personal achievements showing your true personality and way of working.

    Here are some of the basic guidelines which will help you to get a job:

    Try to appear your best at the Interview
    Arrive on time or a few minutes early
    Learn more about the company before interview. Google search on it and have a frank discussion with your friends.

    Be specific and answer clearly. If possible, substantiate your ideas with examples.
    Learn to understand the point of view and do not be aggressive.
    Listen carefully and respond briefly and articulately
    Be prepared with questions for the Interviewer. This gives you the best chance to show your knowledge and interest in the company.

    Prepare yourself in advance
    Show your enthusiasm for the role
    Always maintain an eye-contact with the interviewer.
    Be familiar with your CV and prepared to answer questions from it.

    Remember these tips and be confident in your answers. It’s advised to have a mock interview with your friends or seniors before appearing for the Campus-Interview.

    Good Luck!!!!

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    Be confident.
    Know your resume inside-out.
    Prepare properly for the interview!
    Dress smartly.
    Show positivity!

    Good luck

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    Guess you are aware of a saying “first impression is the best impression”

    While you are attending the interviews for the first time make sure that the dressing sense matters a lot.

    I would like to give you few tips to attend the interview;

    • Gestures matters a lot
    • Be sure and confident while answering
    • Dress in appropriate manner. Do not wear the jassy earings and grand dresses, instead wear some cotton tops and kurthas because the outlook depicts the character
    • The important thing is be on time if you were asked to appear on 10 be there at 9.30
    • Prepare well for the interview do not blabber

    Hope it helped………….

    All the best!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Basic Interview Tips

    it is better dressed executive. i think, our dress code mostly attracts the interviewer. so perfectly iron your dress. good attitude is more important. better make use of your skills.

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    Everyone has given all the important tips to attend the interviews for fresher’s, I would like to add few more important tips in the list..

    - Dress Neatly.. Because Firsdt impression is your last expression.
    - Be confident.
    - Always give a smile when entered in the interview room.
    - If the interviewers asked you to sit then only sit otherwise ask them “Can I sit?” or “Can I have my seat?”
    - Don’t be nervous at all. Your nervousness will give a bad impression.
    - Be clear in whatever you say.
    - Be polite.
    - Just through about the company once before leaving for the interview.
    - The first question the interviewrs put in front of you is “Tell me something about yourself”.. Just don’t give deep intro about your family background and all..
    1. Tell your name
    2. Your age
    3. Your location
    4. Your qualification
    5. Your project work
    6. Your family (Father, Mother and your siblings)
    7. What you parents do?
    that’s it.. If they ask something else, then only answer it. By introducing yourself they will judge how efficient you are in your language.
    - Now whatever questions they ask from your field, answer to it if you know otherwise just say “Sorry Sir/madam, I will update myself.”
    Hope these information will be very useful for all the freshers..

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    it is better dressed executive. i think, our dress code mostly attracts the interviewer. so perfectly iron your dress. good attitude is more important. better make use of your skills and written examination about the me.

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    Basic Interview Tips for freshers

    It is very much needed to be dressed well, and have a leather file, which will be hold all ur documents, and keep the file in the left hand with the zip of file be on top side, and answer everything with full confidence.

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    Good tips Mantra!
    I would like to add some more interesting guidelines that need to be followed during Interviews, such as :-

    It’s mandatory to ask excuse before entering the interview hall.

    Must show the attitude of learning and listening towards the interviewer.

    Keep smiling don’t show that your very much worried to get the job.

    It’s mandatory to be in formals.

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