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Thread: How to Deal With a Dominating Husband - advice needed

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    How to Deal With a Dominating Husband - advice needed

    Hi all

    I am working women and my income is double income of my husband . By the time i got married i was employed has an senior team member in the reputed company . As soon as i get my salary My husband draws from the ATM to pay all monthly bills. He want to control of all the finance . Even my ATM card is with him . I have to ask him for every needs . If i ask my card husband says u don't know how to manage it. If we go out also he never cares me . My husband dominates that he is the topper in everything that he knows everything . There is no savings in my bank account . I don't know how to look after my house? I am fed up of my life. He is having ego and Inferiority complex . That i am earning more than my husband. I am very tired fighting with him over these issues.

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    If you think that something is wrong , I would like to say first for you being the topper your the fool to give your ATM card. Try to make your husband understand that you want the money for your personnel purpose also . or else go to the bank block the old card and get the new ATM card . Tell him that new ATM card should compulsory access card to our office every day . So I cant give the ATM cards any more Then see his reaction & how he behaves . In this way you shall come to know does your husband love you for money . Or does he really cares for you..

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