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Thread: Procedure Of Filing Divorce In India - Need Help

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    Procedure Of Filing Divorce In India - Need Help

    Hello All

    I saw many people posting on divorce in this forum. I came here seeking for a help for my sister. She is suffering a lot in her in laws house. My sister got married 3 years back and till today she has not got any baby so her in laws and her husband is torturing her in all the way... Twice she committed suicide, now my parents are very scared that we might lose her.. I spoke with my sister about divorce she din agree first, but now she don't want to stay there any more.. I want to know the basic things about filing a divorce in india please help me to save my sister from them ....

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    Hey Manish that's really sad, but there are many people who is suffering more than this sort of pain everyday. I do understand that your sister is suffering lot of pain there, before you take any step in this period try to speak to your jiju once and if possible consult any marriage counseling.. Divorce is a long process you cant just go and get the divorce. first you need to arrange for good lawyer who can support you and for that you need to pay him his fee, There few formalities I will surely tell you before that please.. Talk to your sis and your jiju on the same.. Its her life because now at this period she is totally pissed she will take a wrong decision later both will realize that both were wrong.. And you made her life ruined so whatever decision you come up... take it in relaxed mind don't make it in a hurry.. Please reply me whatever your reply!! I will surely help you with the details..

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    Its fine Peacock Lady,

    Manish, dont think negative there is always a chance in this relation for reconcile the matter.

    Peacock Lady, i am agree with you for Lawyer, Manish go to lawyer but first make your mind what your sister want mostly in such cases lawyers destruct the mind and instigate the party for unwilling act.

    Take Care, all will well

    Krishna Sona

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