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Thread: Is Virat Kohli the Next Sachin

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    Is Virat Kohli the Next Sachin

    Hi all,

    I came to know that, Virat Kohli has moved to the second position in ICC ODI Ranking as per the latest update. The reason for him to deserve that position is because of his amazing performances and consistent runs' hunt. Though there are lots of skilled batsmen in our Indian team, he has emerged as the future superstar of India.

    I am saying that, he will be the next Sachin Tendulkar!!! What you people say…

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    Hi Deepika,

    I have seen your threads on Virat Kohli. Everyone has their own feel and opinion. You may be a big fan of Virat, but it looks peculiar to compare anyone with Sachin.

    No one can bag the title or the records by Sachin Tendulkar. I accept that, Virat Kohli is doing remarkably well. And it is clearly visible that he will add infinite glory to our country and the Indian Team. We can also say, he will do better than the Master Batsman, but he’ll never become next Sachin Tendulkar. Not only, Virat, no one can become the next Sachin.

    Of course, he is extremely talented, and we can see the glimpses of Sachin in Virat. It’s impossible to reach the endless records of Sachin and at the same time when it comes to passion for cricket; Sachin always ranks first.

    Looking forward to more valuable suggestions on this!!!

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