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Thread: Airtel DTH HD Vs Tata Sky HD

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    Airtel DTH HD Vs Tata Sky HD

    Hi all,

    Though I paid huge amount to the cable connection, only few channels are available. All my friends asked me to opt for DTH service to avail more channels at an affordable price. I came to know that, most of the DTH providers have launched High Definition services in India. I am planning to get a HD DTH connection in my home. I’ve left with two choices at last – Airtel DTH HD and Tata Sky HD.

    I would like to know the best features of those two DTH services….

    Please share your replies soon!!!

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    Hi Friend,

    Before going into the differences, let me share the same feature that is found common in those two services:

    Both Airtel and Tata Sky have Dual tuners to record one show while watching another or record two shows at a time while watching one the shows getting recorded or a previous recording. Both has 7 days program guide plus series link feature and allows both mobile and internet recording.
    The Differences between Airtel DTH HD and Tata Sky HD are:


    Offers a 320 Gb HDD
    Comes with a universal remote to control both the TV as well as STB
    Provides 14 TRUE HD channels. to have all these channels, one should pay Rs. 176 per month.
    For new HD DVR from Airtel, one has to pay cost around Rs. 5,990 for the connection and monthly charge will be around Rs. 550


    Offers a 500 GB HDD
    There is no universal remote.
    Provides only 8 HD channels. Tata Sky charges only Rs. 75 per month for these 8 channels
    For new HD DVR from Tata Sky, one has to pay around Rs. 5,940 for the connection and monthly charge will be around Rs. 75

    Now, it’s up to you to decide, as per your budget and requirement!!!

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    Honestly i never felt any difference between those two

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    According to me, Airtel DTH HD is best. Earlier, I had Tata Sky, but I was not happy for the features they offered. Airtel DTH HD comes with a universal remote control and provides 14 HD channels when compared to Tata Sky. Though Airtel pay connection is higher than Tata Sky, the features offered in Airtel are better.

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