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Thread: Signs of Depression in Children

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    Signs of Depression in Children

    Hello everyone,

    My nephew who is in his fifth standard is having difficulty in falling asleep. He is not all having sound sleep either he wakes too early or oversleeps. His class teacher started complaining about him that he is not paying attention to the classes in school. My sister is very much worried that this may be the sign of depression.

    I would like to know, the signs of depression in children as this will help me to bring out from that issue.

    Please share your replies soon!!!

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    Hi Daisy,

    Im sure that your nephew is suffering from depression. I would like to know, is he refusing to go to school and always clinging to parent??? I am asking this, because these are the basic signs of depression in children. Sometimes these are common in most of the children, but if this exceeds the normal level, we can say surely that it is the sign of depression.

    Other signs of depression in children are:

    Memory loss
    Feigning illness
    Angry outbursts
    Manias or phobias
    Digestive disorders

    Inability to concentrate
    Insomnia or oversleeping
    Decreased energy or feeling tired
    Feeling melancholy or sad most of the day, every day
    Inability to experience pleasure or excitement even when doing activities that were pleasurable

    Better diagnose and treat him with a help of a professional before the condition worsen.

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    hi daisy

    dont consult here n dont make diagnosis of depression or any thing ....

    jus take him to a good paediatrician soon .....

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