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Thread: Overcome Shyness in Kids

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    Overcome Shyness in Kids

    Hi all,

    My niece is of only 4 years old. She is so bubbly and a talkative kid. She is going to school now. Recently, she developed the habit of shyness, and we are surprised from where she could have learnt that habit. Because of this, she is not at all talking to anyone like before. Everyone in my family is missing her naughty talking.

    I would like to know, the ways to overcome the shyness in kids???

    Eagerly waiting for your replies!!!

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    Hey Pradeep,

    Its nature we can see this kind of shyness in all girl children. If it is of a boy, we should worry. But too much of shyness in kids will push them to the state of loneliness and keeps them away from meeting others, beginning friendships, and simply connecting with other human beings.

    So, parents should take some effort to manage the shyness of their kids. The best ways that helps your child to overcome shyness are:

    Enhance their social skills and make them connected to all.
    Always take care of your child by noticing and responding to their needs.
    Do not make negative judgment and help them to feel good about themselves.

    Keep in mind that kids learn from the elders. Whatever we do, they try to act and imitate us. Always be friendly to others and offer help to the needy people.
    Do not teach them to be afraid of strangers.

    Teach them how to handle teasing and discouragement.
    Teach them the basic social skills like making eye-contact, shaking hands, etc.

    Hope, this will help you in overcoming the shyness of that cute little one!!!

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