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Thread: T20 World Cup 2012 - India's Matches In Super Eights

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    T20 World Cup 2012 - India's Matches In Super Eights

    Hiii Guyzzz
    T20 World Cup 2012 was very tough.. Still India managed to get inside Super 8’s stage.. I hope everyone are happy since India went to the next stage of the league. What you people think about the performance of India in the next stage? There are two matches for India – One with Pakistan and One with South Africa. Will India be qualified for the semi-finals? Please share your views with this forum…
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    Hii Sam!
    India will play well in Super 8’s.. I have full hopes on our country.. Especially I want India to win with Pakistan. Pakistan should lose the Super 8.. Indo-pak war is on 30th sep.. Let hope for the best…
    Let’s cheer up Indian Team..
    I am waiting for the day when India will be qualified for semifinals…
    Friends post your views and share your feelings about this Super 8 with us..

    All the very best to Indian Team..

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    India Need a Boost

    Super eight stage is super tough. India need a real boost to survive this stage.

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