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Thread: What to do and what not to do during an interview

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    What to do and what not to do during an interview

    -Do not talk too much
    -Do not lose the eye contact
    -Talk about your achievements, but don't brag
    -Make sure your English is decent enough
    -Dress smartly
    -Know everything on your resume inside out
    -Be alert and attentive
    -Be confident

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    Thanks for sharing a helpful Thread!!

    I would like to add some more important instructions that need to be tracked during Interviews, such as:-

    • Always must wear formal apparels
    • Should be on time at the premises
    • Listen carefully and answer to the question
    • Read current Newspaper b4 attending the interview
    • B4 time of interview read 5-6 articles loudly, for better communication
    • Respect HR, Shake hands once u meet her/him
    • Self confidence is mandatory
    • Take criticism positively
    • Don’t lie.
    • Don’t get blank, if at all you does ask excuse drink sip of water and carry on.
    • B4 or during interview don’t chew are smoke , that could irritate the interviewer
    • Don't show intolerance or prejudice.

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