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Thread: Arya Samaj Marriage possible after register marriage

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    Exclamation Arya Samaj Marriage possible after register marriage

    Hi All,

    Is it possible to do Arya samaj marriage after doing register marriage. Me and my bf want to do register marriage without anyone knowledge and then tell our parents about our relationship. We wont tell them we are married except for if they deny our relationship. So, In that case we wanna get married again in front of everyone at Arya samaj.
    So now I wanna know is it possible to do register marriage and then get married at Arya Samaj.
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    Yes Deep,

    It is possible. Though you register your marriage in registrar office, arya samaj will do all the wedding ceremonies with proper rituals and customs and the marriage will be registered legally.

    Hope this cleared your doubt…………..

    All the best for your marriage!!!!!!!!!!

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