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Thread: green tea kills bacteria in mouth?

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    green tea kills bacteria in mouth?

    Hi friends

    I feel very ashamed to say this but still i need the solution for it.. I brush my teeth 2 times a day morning and night before going to bed but still my mouth smell badly. I don't know what to do . My sister suggest me to take green tea so it kills the bacteria in mouth is it really works out?

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    Don't feel ashamed every one has this problem. Green tea Hundreds of millions of people drink green tea .

    It is been used for medicinal purpose as healing wounds, improving heart health regular body temperature ,

    good for digestion and improving mental processes it is very use ful for cholesterol, cancer, diabetes , liver

    disease and more . Extensive research has verified green tea power to heal the body and the mouth . Daily

    drinking 4- 6 glass green tea very good for health. In green tea can inhibit the growth of oral bacteria and

    interfere with the production of hydrogen sulfide Gargling with green tea not only fights bad breath, but also

    kills bacteria. Tea's fluorine also makes teeth strong and effective against cavities and gingivitis . So green tea

    kills bacteria in mouth

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