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Thread: Bade achhe lagte hain Serial Update

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    Bade achhe lagte hain Serial Update

    Hey Friend,

    Due to power cut I missed to watch bade ache lagte hain episode on 27th Sep, can any one update me please…

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    Ram was discussing with the lawyer for the custody of Pihu, Vikram and Neha tries to advice ram and asks him to rethink about his decision. He asked them to stay out of his personal matter . In sharma house when Karthik comes to know about Pihu’s custody he gets angry on Ram.

    Priya cosoles him and tells him that Ram needs some time to calm and she herself will handle this problem in her way .

    Kady reveals about Pihu’s custody to Rajjat, later he and Daija go to meet one of the best lawyers in the city. But the lawyer tells them that he has just accepted Ram's custody case and now will be fighting on his behalf.

    Rajat met Ram and tells him that he is doing the wrong thing by separating a mother and child. The two had a serious arguement and Ram asks him to stay out of it. Rajat promises to side Priya.

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