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Thread: Redemption Procedure Of Mutual Fund

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    Redemption Procedure Of Mutual Fund

    Dear Friends!
    Few Years back my uncle has invested in mutual fund and now he want to redeem the policy. But he doesn’t know how to redeem it. Even I lack knowledge on Mutual funds. If you guyz know about the redemption procedure of Mutual funds.. I will be thankful to you..
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    Hiii Diana!
    Redemption procedure of Mutual Fund is very simple.. I think it will take hardly few min for the procedure of redemption.
    First of visit the AMC (Asset Management Company) or CAMS (Computer Age Management Service) in personal and ask for Mutual Fund Redemption Form. This form will be available in all the AMC’s and CAMS’s. Fill up the form properly i.e. enter valid name, folio number, etc. and give this form to processing assistant and they will put up your request.
    Point to be noted that all CAMS do not handle the redemption of all AMC’s. In that case you may need to visit the AMC office.
    It may take almost 2-3 working days to get your money.
    Do you have any more queries? Because I just gave you the procedure in very short. If you want to know more about this procedure or about mutual funds can post in this thread…

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    Yeah Ramki, you have just given little information about Redemption of mutual funds, I desire to share some more appropriate points in a list wise, Such as:-

    Firstly must fill redemption transaction slip which is offered by Asset Management Company.

    Specify the redemption amount.

    Explain Scheme details visibly.

    If you want to receive your dividend electronically in your bank account, then you need to provide MICR code.

    For E-mail and SMS services, check mark the relevant field in Application form.
    Don’t fail to Sign.

    This process will take 2-3 working days…

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