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Thread: LPG cylinders only six per year - whats your opinion?

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    LPG cylinders only six per year - whats your opinion?

    For whole year usage of only 6 LPG cylinders is unfeasible for large family and this is very ridiculous decision by governmentI think all should go for electronic/electrical items like induction stove & electronic cookers to manage this issue….. Very sickkkkk government!!

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    As there is less rain in our nation, If we choose electronic/electrical items, later government will take this as biggest advantage and start to hike the tariff of power per unit to some Lakh rupees so I think itís better to adjust with current judgment!!

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    We must not get compromise for this kind of public issues; this was actually a ridiculous decision.

    Thank god! Somehow the price of cylinder will get reduced from march 2013 and other glad news is government has granted 9 cylinders for whole year to a family.

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