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Thread: Is it secure to buy online??

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    Question Is it secure to buy online??

    Guys..I had a very bad experience doing shopping online. I got cheated most of time when I opted for online shopping. guys plz suggest me some some secure sites list.

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    Yes it is.

    It depends on the site you are buying from but overall if you buy from a trusted source, it is secure to buy online.
    The list of sites depends on what you want to buy, but flipkart is pretty reliable with an option to pay on delivery in many cases. Homeshop18 is also trustworthy. O fourse, you can always go to amazon.

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    Online shopping is safe.......Because internet shopping offers many benefits to customers. This includes saving time and money, convenience of shopping etc. Whenever needed you can buy and also save time. Comparison can be made on the products, price etc....

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