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Thread: OMG Oh My God: Movie Review

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    OMG Oh My God: Movie Review

    Hi all,

    Usually I do not watch Bollywood movies, if it all I watch, I prefer watching comedy movies. Because, I am a person who give more importance to humor. I heard that akshay kumar is doing a new movie titled “OMG oh my god” which is a comedy movie. Other than this, I do not know anything about the movie, can anyone tell me in brief the entire review of this movie?

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

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    Hi sanjana,

    As you said it is a full and full comedy film. But the story is totally different. The movie is adapted from the popular gujarathi play kanji viruddh kanji which is a story of a man who sue against god. This movie conveys social message along with the sense of humor. The movie depicts the story of kanji who do not believe god. by concluding I would say that OMG oh my god has a novelty value and offers good entertainment.

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