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Thread: gabriel iglesias which car was stolen at ihop

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    gabriel iglesias which car was stolen at ihop


    I have heard that America’s greatest stand up comedian Gabriel Iglesias’s car was stolen. But which car of Gabriel Iglesias was stolen at ihop …can you tell me?

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    Well ..I have heard he got a new Volkswagen Beetle car but what you were talking about is Gabriel Iglesias’s part of joke. America's comedy genius Gabriel claims himself to be not fat but hot and fluffy. Hopefully he does not need a car. Gabriel Iglesias narrated an incident in a comic manner that one day when he went to the IHOP parking zone he saw that his car was missing. Gabriel asked whether anyone could track down his stolen car.
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    gabriel iglesias stolen car at ihop episode

    Oh Man!

    Gabriel Iglesias is full of humor where the stolen car episode from IHOP parking zone is to make mock of online service. America’s outstanding standup comedian Gabriel at his "I'm Not Fat... I'm Fluffy" special comedy show commented how he was royally treated and became famous in one instant night at a hotel where he had to take shelter due to flight miss.

    It was 1 a.m. when he dialed OnStar customer service to report on car theft who in return had responded quite in a shabby and funny manner like:

    For customer service, press 1. Para hablar en Espanol, presione numero dos. If your car has been lost or stolen, press 3. *Beep*

    Woman: Thank you for calling OnStar, this is Kim speaking. How may I help you?

    Gabriel: Yes, my car was just stolen, could you track it down for me?

    Later the lady gets more involved in his name that what’s the most funny part about the stolen car episode of Gabriel which went like:

    Kim: Well, just tell me your name and that'll do it, sir.

    Gabriel: Oh, well my name's Gabriel Iglesias. *pause* Hello? Kim? Kim, are you still there?

    "Woman": Okay, so that's E, G, L,

    Gabriel: No no, it's spelled with an I.

    "Woman": ...you spell that with a "I"? Then you should have said I-glesias, not Ee-glesias!

    So have fun …with Iglesias’s new innovative way to make audience laugh.

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    I really liked the entire stolen car episode at ihop of Gabriel Iglesias the America's greatest comedian. It is a damn creative stuff that he winded with many hilarious words of his to entertain his crowd I felt.

    Just waiting for 6th October to watch him in his comic action in Comedy Central where he will talk about his new Volkswagen Beetle. Sure Gabriel Iglesias is not fat but…’hot nad fluffy’.

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