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Thread: Difference Between RTGS And NEFT

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    Difference Between RTGS And NEFT

    How RTGS is different from NEFT? I want a clear definition on it, plz somebody help me in suggesting good points to remember their meaning forever…

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    Well, both related to transferring money from one place to another in different forms like :-

    RTGS - Real Time Gross Settlement; is a money transfer system where capital is moved from one bank to another in “real time”, Real time means there is no waiting period at all; once processing take place the payment transaction will be done right away. RTGS is considered to be the fastest way for money transfer.

    NEFT- National Electronic Funds Transfer is an online system for transferring money from one financial institution to another. As it is based on electronic service, NEFT is comparatively slower than RTGS.

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    I dont much about the RTGS And NEFT, I have taken a help of a friend of mine had they told me this,

    RTGS is Real time Gross settlement for INr>1 lac .NEFT (National Electronic Fund transfer) is d same but for INR below 1 lakh . Check get cleared same day .It is chargeable in most of the banks ,Online RTGS is however free service .

    I know this information does not have the full details, i will surely come back to give you lot more details then this.

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