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Thread: What is PPF and How is it Different from EPF?

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    What is PPF and How is it Different from EPF?

    I desire to know the major difference between Employees Provident Fund & Public Provident Fund. I am just confused with its implications and donít know which plan to opt among these, so kindly somebody give me brief description on it for better understanding!!

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    PPF - Public Provident Fund is the scheme organized by State Bank of India with support from India post; this PPF plan is generated to save money by an individual’s for their future, the preliminary amount will be Rs. 500/-.

    PPF Operation: - Depositor will be provided with SBI Passbook and investor can deposit the money on monthly basis at assigned post office branch.
    If the investor want a change in branch; yup! They can do it by submitting relevant application form along with passbook at SBI office.

    EPF - Employees Provident Fund, this plan can be obtained only by an employee and boss of the company is responsible for entire transaction.

    Difference Between Public Provident Fund & Employment Provident Fund:-

    PPF – It can be obtained by any Indian.
    EPF – This scheme can be obtained only by an employee.

    PPF Current Returns – 8% Per Annum
    EPF Current Returns – 8.5% Per Annum

    PPF amount can be claimed only after 15years of time.
    EPF amount can be claimed at the time of resignation or retirement

    PPF Can avail loans up to 50% of current balance @ the 4th year from 6th year onwards.
    EPF Can make withdrawal for individual needs by revealing appropriate documents

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    Thank you Sparklegirl, Information that you have shared is very informative and i was able to know about the PPF and EPF. After going through your reply it makes clear that EPF pay better i mean the interest rate is higher then the PPF, any ways i think that both will have some or the other pros and cons, from above we can observe that EPF has got edge over PPF in terms of Return on investment, Employer Contribution, Liquidity. But thanks for sharing your view on PPF plan and EPF Plan.

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    Oh that was an amazing explanation about EPF from Sparklegirl. I was searching in many websites relating this information and at last I got here. I understood the information clearly. Hats off to Sparklegirl. Sukh Dukh is really a miracle. Whatever information we try to search, most of them are in sukhdukh. Viewers visiting this website are really great and they provide up-to-date information for the query. I love this site very much.

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