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Thread: Someone has illegally taken possession of my property

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    Someone has illegally taken possession of my property

    Hi all,

    I had taken 6 lakh for my daughter’s marriage from the local money lender and I was paying him 8% as interest every month while lending money he asked me for some security to his money so I gave him my property documents everything was going fine few days back he sent me the court notice stating that I have to vacate the house and he has already taken the possession illegally. I do not know what to do,

    Please help me…………

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    Nowadays this kind of cheating is happening in many places………

    You can also file a FIR on him or contact an advocate who is well versed in handling these cases and he will legally help you to get back the possession.

    The best thing to do is if someone has taken the possession of your property without your permission or without your knowledge you can get a court order and take back your property back.

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    Hey this is kind a tricky situation.........

    You have to be really wise enough to get rid of it. You had mentioned in your post that someone has illegally taken possession of your property; even you need to go legally. The best thing you could do is, please contact the legal adviser or a competent lawyer, tell him the present situation, give him property details so that it will be helpful for him to take some legal actions and get back the possession of your property.

    Hope it helped!

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