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Thread: Guitar classes in sahakar nagar bangalore

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    Guitar classes in sahakar nagar bangalore

    Hi friends…………

    From my childhood I had a great interest on learning guitar. Now I got a chance of learning it, is there any guitar classes conducted in Bangalore at sahakar nagar? if so! Can anyone please tell me where they conduct it and the whole details of the class, along with the addresses?

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi tamna,

    I think there is only one institution which conducts guitar and many other music classes in sahakar nagar………………..
    I will provide you the details of the institution, along with the address, please take a look at it;
    Madhusri Fine Arts

    No. 1642, C Block, After Uco Bank, 2nd Right Turn, Sahakar Nagar,
    Bangalore - 560092

    Not only guitar classes are conducted here, but also many other musical classes like vocal music folk dance and more are accompanied…….

    Hope it helped!!!!!!

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