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Thread: infiniti cars varients and price list in india

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    infiniti cars varients and price list in india

    I have a great love and passion towards car, I am a car lover. I am waiting for the best car to buy; I heard Infiniti cars are the most luxurious and a unique versatility car in the world, WoW that sounds really amazing, and I have an idea of buying it, and I have been taking lot of efforts in finding the various variants available from Infiniti cars, but I didn’t get any information about its variants and models, one of my friend told that there is only one model “Infiniti G35” and there are no other models in it, is that true? Please guys, kindly provide me the list of Infiniti car variants with its price in India. Thanks.

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    Infiniti brand was established in 1990, these cars are mostly sold through Nissan. It had launched two extreme luxury cars in the year 1990. They produce a wide range of luxury sports utility cars and luxury sedans. Q45 and M30 were those two models, launched in the year 1990, right now Infiniti is only available in one model that is Infiniti G35, but the below mentioned are the upcoming models of Infiniti cars take a look at it.

    • Infiniti FX Rs. 42,00,000 - Rs. 42,00,000
    • Infiniti QX Rs. 60,00,000 - Rs. 60,00,000
    • Infiniti EX Rs. 28,00,000 - Rs. 28,00,000
    • Infiniti G Rs. 35,00,000 - Rs. 35,00,000
    • Infiniti M Rs. 45,00,000 - Rs. 45,00,000
    Hope you are happy now..!!

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