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Thread: Vibgyor Bikes full information

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    Vibgyor Bikes full information

    Two of my friends own the same bike from Vibgyor, I just love the models from Vibgyor bikes, I heard vibgyor bike comes in four dashing models such as Vibgyor shark, Vibgyor Hunter, Vibgyor Gallop and Vibgyor Persona. I thought of going for Vibgyor Hunter, because this bike is best suited for off roads, I need the entire information about the Vibgyor bikes, like models, price list, designs, technical specifications, colors available etc. please provide me the complete details about Vibgyor bikes as soon as possible. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Vibgyor has 4 Bikes models available in India. The available models are Vibgyor, Vibgyor Shark, Vibgyor Hunter, Vibgyor Gallop, Vibgyor Persona.
    Vibgyor Shark: Rs. 5200.
    The bike can deliver a standard mileage of around 50 kmpl in city.

    Vibgyor Hunter: Rs. 41500
    Vibgyor Hunter gives mileage around 60kmpl in city.

    Vibgyor Gallop: Rs. 29990
    The Vibgyor Gallop gives mileage around 75 to 80 kmpl in city

    Vibgyor Persona: Rs. 50000
    Vibgyor Persona gives mileage of around 40kmpl from this bike.

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