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Thread: A R Rahman Tamil Melody Songs

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    A R Rahman Tamil Melody Songs

    AR Rahman! Can be portrayed as Music Tsunami, Music hurricane, Music Almighty & so on, this simple respectful gentleman is born with such a talent where nobody could touch his reach. The moment he opened speech with Tamil words on Oscar award occasion, all Tamilian’s and Indian’s felt so grateful for his respect towards his mother language, from that particular day I have become die heart of AR Rahman!!

    I have very less collections of his filmy musics, am looking for more of his Melody songs in Tamil. If anybody like to share it here kindly do it without hesitation….

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    A.R. Rahman is god of music, this stunning man has achieved infinite number of awards and blessings from many great personalities and the reason for his success will be his silence and simplicity.

    A.R. Rahman’s Vande Mataram composition is the huge pride and record he achieved yet. This superhero did not enter the film industry directly, b4 that he gave presence to TV advertisements for writing jingles, joined renowned orchestra troop and then he entered film industry. His first Tamil project was Roja, this movies songs were ranking in top 10 list this position gave him great fame and he became very busy in his career for composing enormous music’s for great directors!

    Well, these are evergreen Tamil melody songs of A.R. Rahman!!
    1. Vellai Pookal
    2. Pachchai Nirame
    3. Alaipayuthey
    4. Snehithane Snehithane
    5. Kadal Sadugudu
    6. Mangalyam
    7. Evano Oruvan
    8. Hey Goodbye Nanba
    9. Mayil Iragae
    10. Kelamal Kaiyile
    11. Vennilave Vennilave
    12. Uyere
    13. Thenrale Thenrale
    14. Pudhu Vellai Mazhai
    15. Kadhal Rojave
    16. Oru Poyyavathu
    17. Munbe Vaa
    18. Hosanna
    19. Aaromale
    20. Ennavale Adi Ennavale
    21. Nee Enakke Enakka
    22. Poongaatrilae
    23. Chinna Chinna Aasai
    24. Nadhin Dhina
    25. Anbendra Mazhaile
    26. Narumugaye
    27. Sempoove
    28. Pachai Kiligal
    29. Margali Poove
    30. Minaale Nee
    31. En Mel vizhundha
    32. Kadhal Kaditham
    33. Konjum minakale
    34. Kannamuchi ennada
    35. Santhana Thenrale
    36. Enge Enadhu Kavithai
    37. Sahana
    38. Kannuku Mai Azhagu
    39. Anjali Anjali
    40. Nillakagirathu
    41. Mettu podu
    42. Kadal Anukal
    43. Nenjinile
    44. Swasame
    45. Chinna Chinna Mazhai Thuligal
    46. Sandhipoma
    47. Then Kizhakku Cheemayile
    48. Anarkali
    49. Oh Mariya
    50. Kannathil Muthamittal
    51. Porkalama enge
    52. En Vitu Thotathil

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    Extraordinary collection Sparklegirl….

    Oscar winner A.R. Rahman has given stupendous number of hit songs in various languages, but most famous songs of A.R. Rahman are from Kollywood, Am proud to tell this because am a Tamilian….
    My favorite songs by A.R. Rahman are as such:-

    Sillunu Oru Kaadhal :-
    • Kummi Adi
    • Munbe Vaa
    • Machhakkari
    • New York

    • Ennavale Adi Ennavale
    • Mukkabla
    • Erani Kuradhani
    • Kaatru Kuthirayile
    • Kadhalikum Pennin
    • Urvasi Urvasi
    • Indiraiyo Ival Sundariyo
    • Pettai Rap
    • Kollayile Thennai

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    Awesome! i just enjoy Nejekulle a lot..heart touching song ..love A.R Rehman

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