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Thread: wildlife parks and sanctuaries in india

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    wildlife parks and sanctuaries in india

    Hello Guys

    I am very much interested in wild life and next month I planned to go for trip. I want to visit wild life parks and sanctuaries . can any one suggest me famous wild life parks and sanctuaries in India

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    hello dear

    India may be famous for its huge human population and rapid development, but the country also contains hundreds of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that protect the landscapes, vegetation and animals that make it a major global ecotourism destination

    Here is the list of wild life parks and sanctuaries

    Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh
    Periyar National Park, Kerala
    Pirotan Island, Gujurat - a marine national park
    Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan
    Sariska National Park, Rajasthan
    Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal
    Valley of Flowers National Park, Uttarakhand
    Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh
    Bandipur National Park, Karnataka
    Betla National Park, Jharkhand
    Blackbuck National Park, Gujarat
    Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand
    Dudhwa National Park, Uttar Pradesh
    Gorumara National Park, West Bengal

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    Hello manju,

    I am Chandresh and i am from Bangalore, we have visited the Bandipur National Park in Mysore. this place is the one of the must visit place in Indian and The total distance of this place is 220 kms from Bangalore. and you can also visit the ooty which is just 70Km far from this place. We visited the tribal colony near Mangala village this is a unforgettable place for me and my family member we had a change to see the deers gathering at the reservoir at sundown. I was a wonderful feeling for us. I will share the website link with you you can go through it.


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    Hi I want to share my experience about Bandipur National Park. We have to take our route from Bandipur to reach Ooty. So we were in our car and we reached Bandipur at early morning around 6 am. It was so cold in the morning and we were supposed to reach Ooty at 10 am. We entered Bandipur. After few minutes, I saw a giant elephant that was eating the bushes. That moment was really photogenic. Later my eyes started searching for few more animals around. All of sudden we saw a group of deer’s running here and there. They were so innocent and pretty to look. We also saw a small elephant that was running in the middle of the road. I think it was separated from its family and got lost. And when we came out of Bandipur and entered Mudhumalai Wild Life Sanctuary, we saw many peacocks, rabbits, Monkeys, etc… This 1 hour of travelling in a wild life sanctuary became an unforgettable memory in my life. I hope you will also enjoy these beautiful moments. I would like to go for wild life safari in this sanctuary.

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