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Thread: Skoda Yeti AT launched date and price

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    Skoda Yeti AT launched date and price

    I have a great love towards these Skoda cars, I know these cars were launched recently to India, but I have no idea about its launch date. I heard that Skoda cars come with different variants,with attractive colors and designs, ffeaturing high level of comfort and luxury, since I am planning to buy this car for this Diwali, I would like to know its launch date in India, and please don’t forget to mention the list of variants with its price list, I heard that Skoda car company will be launching their upcoming model Skoda Yeti AT, I want to know the price of this model, and also tell me when are they launching Skoda Yeti AT in India. Thanks.

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    Skoda India had launched the most awaited model Skoda Yeti 4x2 SUV in India. This Skoda Yeti 4x2 is powered by a 2.0-liter TDI engine, which churns by giving the maximum power of 110 BHP at 4200 RPM, and maximum torque of 250 Nm between 1500-2500 RPM. Skoda Yeti 4x2 comes in the following variants.

    • Skoda Yeti Elegance
    Features-1968cc, Manual, Diesel, 11.0 – 15.4 kmpl
    Price: Rs. 17, 81,112*

    • Skoda Yeti Ambition 4X4:
    Features: 1968cc, Manual, Diesel, 11.0 – 15.4 kmpl
    Price: Rs. 16, 28,444

    • Skoda Yeti AT (Launching Soon):
    Features: 1968cc, Automatic, Diesel, 11.0 – 15.4 kmpl
    Price: Rs. 15, 20,000

    • Skoda Yeti Active 4X2
    Price: Rs. 14, 49,489

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    Traveling in Skoda Yeti’s AT model is a matter of pride as from its excel par performance it gives a elite class of feel with its richly designed interiors. This Yeti AT model of Skoda which is available in various shades like silver, blue, golden and red is stylishly colored with a mix of silver at front and rear bumper brush guards...to make it contrasting for stunning outlook. Skoda Yeti which was launched in 15th November of 2010 at Rs 17 lacs will go for their unveil of new AT very soon this year. The date has not been finalized yet.

    The Skoda lover could expect this new Yeti AT model launch by 2012 of November or December month which is usually their target time for unveil of their new car. The price of Skoda Yeti AT is expected to range from Rs. 14 Lacs to Rs. 17 Lacs.

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    I have heard that the extremely cool and broad view front glass styled car Skoda Yeti is to arrive with their new model AT at an attractive price of Rs.14 to Rs.18 Lacs. I am just excited to know what more is stored in it by Yeti in their new model AT.

    What I know about this new AT version of Skoda is that it will come with DSG variant as. Now you must be wondering what is DSG variant is?...But it is a model that will be integrated with DSG box. This variant is expected to cost you a lakh more, making it more expensive.

    But performance wise there is nothing exciting for the rider as it comes with Skoda Laura version’s same manual 2- litre, 110 bhp power engine. If there is anything …more exciting about the new AT then please let me know even..I am eager o know more about it.

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