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Thread: Procedure for Applying an Online Divorce in India

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    Procedure for Applying an Online Divorce in India

    One of my friends is facing problem with his wife from few years. He says that she insults, beats and ill-treat him with vulgar words in front of elders in the family.

    Being an entrusted person she often doubts him that he is having an affair with someone. The condition is worsening day by day, and it is unbearable. So he is planning to get a divorce as soon as possible through online. So can anyone tell the Procedure for applying an online divorce in India?
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    As divorce rate is witnessing a brisk increase in India the divorce process in India also underwent a change. Nowadays, couples are opting for online divorce procedure for getting a divorce in an easy and efficient way. In order to help people online divorce firms have come into existence.

    The basic procedures for applying an online divorce in India are as follows:

    • Search for an online divorce firm that suits your requirement
    • After choosing the firm, fill the necessary details of the spouses and others
    • Affix documents like marriage certificate, professional details of both husband and wife, details of bank account, details of property and assets, income tax details, birth and family related information
    • Once all the document is submitted with the form take a print out of it and file it at the court either in person or through post

    This is the normal procedure for obtaining an online divorce which is fast, time consuming and affordable.

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    Instead of break up, why don’t you guys advice your friend’s wife to change herself??
    Divorce is very crucial decision taken by all people, and especially in India divorce rate is extremely peaking because of misunderstanding & communication breakdown.

    Anyway, as per your request am sharing relevant link for applying divorce online, this URL link contains sample of online divorce application , take a look!

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