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Thread: Where Is Corbett Park In India

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    Where Is Corbett Park In India

    I’m an adventurist; I like to play with all kinds of adventures things especially wildlife adventure journey thrills me a lot… Next month am planning to give presence towards Jim Corbett Park India, I want exact venue details; can somebody help me with it??

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    Well Chosen!! Jim Corbett Park is an adventurous park in India; its land is enlarged with 1318 square kilometer area and filled with immense wild animals.

    The exciting Safari’s @ Jim Corbett Park are:-
    • Bijrani Safari Zone
    • Dhikala Safari Zone
    • Loha Chaur Safari Zone
    • Sitavani Safari Zone
    Entry - Morning - 07:00 hrs & Evening - 14:00 hrs
    Exit - Morning - 10:00 hrs & Evening - 17:30 hrs

    Jim Corbett park is located in Ramnagar.
    From delhi it is 295 km via Gajraula, Moradabad, Kashipur to reach Ramnagar
    There are overnight trains from Varanasi via Lucknow to reach Ramnagar

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    Hey all...........

    There are over 80 national parks; among all the national parks Jim Corbett is holding a remarkable rank in India. It is one of the most popular one in India. It is the best attractive place for nature lovers. The best place to stay in Corbett is dhikala FRH which is located or situated 31 km inside the park. This is otherwise called as photographer’s dream. It is mostly known for the wild tigers. This was the first park to be declared as a national park in India. Ramnagar is the gateway to the famous Jim Corbett national park in India.

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    Shailesh is right the Jim Corbett Park is an adventurous park in India. i was going through the website of the Jim Corbett Park looks like an Really Interesting place to be and spend and explore the wildlife in their habitat. I can share you their website you can go through them.


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