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Thread: H1b Visa Interview Questions Chennai 2012

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    H1b Visa Interview Questions Chennai 2012


    Can anyone give me some general H1b Visa interview questions? As my brother is going to attend the interview in Chennai next week, I want him to do the best and get the visa as soon as possible.

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    Firstly, make sure that you carry all the documents such as letter from employer, degree certificates, and passport, make sure you take a good copy of passport sized photograph and be confident.

    Here are the few H1b Visa questions asked by Visa Officer (VO) during the interview.

    1) Which company are you working for?
    2) Is it the first time you will be traveling?
    3) Which place you will be visiting?
    4) Explain about your company?
    5) Since how long you have been working for this company?
    6) Where you worked before that?
    7) Who is your client?
    8) What is your annual income?
    9) What is your job role? Explain
    10) Do you have approved immigrant petition?

    Generally, this type of question is asked in interviews, so be bold enough to answer appropriately.

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