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Thread: How To Improve Kids Handwriting

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    How To Improve Kids Handwriting

    My Nephew’s handwriting is very poor, I trained him many times but he is unable to grasp my way of teaching. How easily can we improve child handwriting, do any of you guys have good tips for it??

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    Initially every child has this issue & it’s not a permanent trouble, so nothing to worry!! During this stage you can make child to follow these directives.
    • Provide proper tools like, switch to regular size pencil
    • Provide erasers
    • Let the tools be designed with fun accessories
    • Find a flat surface
    • Place a four line sheet paper
    • The non writing hand must be on top of the sheet
    • Make a child sit straight
    • Provide suitable pencil on writing hand and place index figure on top of the pencil and thumb below it.
    • Make child to write in between two lines of four lines, it could be cursive, swirls and so on.
    • After every word there must be gap of ½ an inch.

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    Steps to improve kids handwriting

    A few steps to improve kids hanwriting:
    Practice them with broken chalk.
    Make them to practice with Lined Paper
    Game practice
    Help them to explicit handwriting practice.
    It really workout.

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    Hi, The best way to make kids handwriting good is get them a cursive handwriting book and little care by you!! everyday make the habit of writing one sheet, I am sure he will write good within a weeks time..

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