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Thread: H1 Visa Consulate Questions

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    H1 Visa Consulate Questions

    What type of questions will be asked in H1 Visa Embassy? My friend will be attending H1 Visa interview. So that he can prepare well and be confident.

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    There is no need to get tensed to attend the consulate. When you attend consulate makes sure that your documents are in order and up to date. Give the impression that you are a professional worker and be confident in answering them.

    The basic questions that are been asked in the consulate are as follows:

    -> Which university did you study at?
    -> Is this your first journey to U.S.?
    -> What is the reason of your trip?
    -> Are you planning to return?
    -> What does your US Company do?
    -> What is your role in the present company?
    -> What is the annual turnover of the company?
    -> Is this your first passport?

    These are the few general questions which will be asked in the consulate. You might also been asked few more question so be courageous and positive while answering the questions.

    All the best!!

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