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Thread: Divorce by mutual consent

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    Divorce by mutual consent


    Adults come up with a proverb saying “marriages are made in heaven”. But we see many people taking divorce after certain period of time after the marriage. The divorce cases are increased in our country. Well, I would like to know about the procedure of signing papers during the mutual divorce.

    Please share your ideas.

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    Hey Friend,

    Working with an advocate is always helpful as he would be the best advisor and well wisher to close the case. In divorce cases, they get ready for divorce after many years of frustration, living uncomfortable choices of life with conflict and pain. To push all these emotions aside, hiring an experienced lawyer is the best option. He will guide the best divorce deal from the court.

    Once the petitioner and the lawyer are decide to file the case then it is drafted to submit in the court. The petitioner must submit the photocopies of the below mentioned documents signed:
    • Income tax statements for the last 2-3 years
    • Details of the petitioner’s profession and present remuneration
    • Information related to family background of the petitioner
    • Details of properties and other assets owned by the petitioner

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