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Thread: Wildlife Parks In Gujarat

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    Wildlife Parks In Gujarat

    My next adventurous trip is to Gujarat, so currently am in search of wildlife national parks list (Gujarat city), if any of you guys wish to suggest best among those parks or advices against it, kindly do share it here without hesitation!!

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    Gujarat Wildlife Parks is Stupendous choice of place for adventurous journey, this city has large place for forest habitats and this is being managed well by the Forest Department of the Government of Gujarat.

    The National Wildlife Parks Of Gujarat Are As Follows:-

    • Marine National Park located in Jamnagar - 162.89 Area Kilo Meter

    • Vansda National Park located in Navsari - 23.99 Area Kilo Meter

    • Pania Wildlife Sanctuary located in Amreli - 39.63 Area Kilo Meter

    • Gir Wildlife Sanctuary & National Parks located in Junagadh - 258.71 Area Kilo Meter

    • Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary located in Kutch - 7506.22 Area Kilo Meter

    • Blackbuck National Park located in Bhavnagar - 34.08 Area Kilo Meter

    • Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary located in Rajkot - 15.01 Area Kilo Meter

    • Thol Wildlife Sanctuary located in Mehsana - 6.99 Area Kilo Meter

    • Barda Wildlife Sanctuary located in Rajkot - 192.31 Area Kilo Meter

    • Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary located in Banaskantha - 542.08 Area Kilo Meter

    • Wild Ass Sanctuary located in Surendra Nagar - 4953.70 Area Kilo Meter

    • Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary located in Narmada - 607.70 Area Kilo Meter

    • Purna Wildlife Sanctuary located in Dangs - 160.8 Area Kilo Meter

    • Jambuhoda Wildlife Sanctuary located in Panchmahal – 130.38 Area Kilo Meter

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