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Thread: mahindra verito hatchback price and pictures

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    mahindra verito hatchback price and pictures



    My brother is buying a car…that ‘Excites’ me a lot. Day and night I dream of cars only. Now tell me about mahindra verito hatchback price and pictures. My friend has informed that it is one of the mini sized tough four wheel species exist on road. Well …that’s cool I say.

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    mahindra verito hatchback price and pictures

    I can understand your need for information on the selected piece of car but let me tell you one thing before buying any vehicle is that be specific about engine performance and safety measure to check for its reliability. Mahindra Verito hatchback is truly powerful with integration of reliable features. Verito petrol compact car is powered by 1.4 L, 4 cylinder, 1390cc engine that has five speed manual Transmission. Its petrol SOHC engine is quite fuel efficient and delivers 75 hp at 5500 rpm with torque capacity of 110 Nm at 3000 rpm.

    Comparatively speaking Mahindra Verito’s diesel is more powerful as it is inbuilt with 1.5 L, 4 cylinder, 1461cc, engine that has 5 Speed manual transmission. Its DCI engine gives an appealing performance speed power of 65 hp at 4000 rpm with torque capacity of 160 Nm at 2000 rpm.

    Here in this Verito automobile hi-tech active and passive safety features are enabled for greater driving experience. Mahindra’s this hatchback car is loaded powerfully with improved safety features like driver airbag, Magnesium steering, front unit designed honeycomb dashboard, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with EBD and collision resistant mechanical components in the cabin.

    Verito is particularly theft proof and Child proof as it is loaded with highly sensitive advanced features like remote door locking, central locking, child proof rear door locks, electrical rear window child lock, anti-theft alarm, key less entry and door open warning light on IC. For more convenient ride at all occasion the improved version of Verito is loaded with front and rear fog lamps, rear and side impact beams, halogen headlamps, day & night mirror with prismatic, laminated windshield, collapsible steering column and adjustable front and rear head restraints. Now if you still persist to have a look at the car's photo then I could best suggest you to go for Mahindra's site or Youtube site for Verito's closer look.

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    Ex-Showroom New Delhi price of Mahindra Verito
    Mahindra Verito Petrol Models
    Mahindra Verito Petrol 1.4 G2 BS III: 5,21,412
    Mahindra Verito Petrol 1.4 G2: 5,27,350
    Mahindra Verito Petrol 1.4 G4 BS III: 5,48,976
    Mahindra Verito Petrol 1.4 G4: 5,49,282

    Mahindra Verito Diesel Models
    Mahindra Verito Diesel 1.5 D2 BS III: 6,05,307
    Mahindra Verito Diesel 1.5 D2: 6,25,614
    Mahindra Verito Diesel 1.5 D4 BS III: 6,37,974
    Mahindra Verito Diesel 1.5 D4: 6,47,589
    Mahindra Verito Diesel 1.5 D6 BS III: 7,04,853
    Mahindra Verito Diesel 1.5 D6: 7,14,470
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