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Thread: Start-ups vs MNCs

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    Start-ups vs MNCs

    Whats a better career path for an engineer fresher - a start-up or an MNC?

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    According to me a fresher should start up with MNC because you will get more exposure and handsome package also.. Initially you have to struggle a lot.. I mean you will be having lots of work to do.. There will Goals and achievements in the MNC.. So you will really need to work hard.. It will be your tough time but you will get a good hike within few years.. You need true patience to work in MNC. But what happen in start-up companies is there won’t be much work, nothing much to learn, and your progress will also be very slow..
    My advice is go for MNC..

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    Iam in MCA Final yr, I have to do a project during my 6th sem. I have done two projects in my acadmic record till now. Now, want to apply in company, please suggest me where and how i make an approach for the same.

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    [QUOTE=bringmetolife;267160]Whats a better career path for an engineer fresher - a start-up or an MNC?[/QUOTE]

    I would like to go with start-up.

    Because You are responsible for your job security…There is no 3-4 year warranty offered in a startup world. On the other hand the onus is largely upon you to work on how you want it to look 1 year from now, what all you want to work on and how to get there. Your ideas, your work, and everything you do everyday adds to building a secure foundation for the startup and if it does not, then you probably need to reconsider your decision.

    In a startup, work is your reward…A startup is not the right place for you if you expect the same pay scale as an MNC. What a startup offers is very rare and more valuable – a chance to pursue what you love doing working together with some of the most brilliant strong willed people and for some that beats any pay scale any day. When you pursue what you love on a daily basis, it no longer can be called a job. Most of us strive to achieve that state and a startup comes very close to providing this opportunity.

    In addition to the above, you have a large say on your work…You enter into a company that is very small in size. Each individual is extremely engrossed in owning his or her piece of work. The only expectation is that you own yours and deliver your best. No pre-defined guidelines constrain you from experimenting or working at your full potential. You start to hear more of “You tell me should we do take this decision?” You will have a broad vision/goal to start off with and you are left to achieve that goal in the best possible way you can come up with. Being in a small team also means that when you want to change something in the organization your discussions with your colleagues are more meaningful and results are quick. You start to see that your work has a direct impact on the performance on the organization, something that is difficult in other organizations.

    About learning…A startup is always hungry for more. If learning new skills and taking on challenges on a daily basis is something you are yearning for, you have to look no further. You start your growth from day one and it increases exponentially from there on. No false tenure based title changes but only growth in absolute terms. The best part about a startup is that you do not know where it will be few months down the line. It is for you to decide where to take it. No hierarchical structure means that you have the chance to grow at your pace and that is the best reward one can get.

    And about MNC, they offer you a secure job but you can't learn more things that you want. Because entering an MNC means that you enter into a system that has a pre-defined working culture. so your career growth will stop after some time. and that's true.

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