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Thread: How to improve kids’ memory and concentration

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    How to improve kids’ memory and concentration

    Hi all…………..

    I have a son aged 7, he is very naughty, always his school teacher complain about him saying that he is not concentrating in the class and also not attentive and she is also saying that his performance is also so bad in the exam. I am scared that if the same situation continues with him he will not be able to flourish and I want him to come out of this situation. So, can anyone please tell me how to improve kids’ memory and concentration, so that I can help my child to improve his concentration power…?

    Thank you!!!!!!

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    Hi sharmila......

    Nowadays most of the kids lose their concentration power since, they are distracted by the things and happenings around them. Hence there are many ways and things you can do to help your child to attain a better concentration level…………….

    Here I would like to suggest few things to enhance your kid’s memory and attentiveness please take a look at it

    • Let your child solve some crossword puzzles and memory games this will be the exercise to the brain and will make your child to improve the concentration power
    • Advice your child to sleep properly to have a good memory. Proper sleep will keep the brain relaxing and function properly
    • Physical exercise is also very important for a good memory, along with that ask him to do some yoga, meditation etc…
    • When your child is studying make sure that the environment is free from distraction.
    • The foods also play a vital role in the memory and concentration.
    • Allow your child to study with the peers who are academically sound

    Do all these things to see a great change in your son…..

    Hope it helped!!!!!!!!!

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    hi sharmila

    dont worry abt memory thing .... in this age its normal ...

    make good environment at home for studies ....

    give him reward for studies .... in our medical we call it POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT ... means we are giving some good habits to kid by giving him something he likes ...

    for eg. - ask him if he finishes his home work nicely he can watch tv or he will get chocolate ...

    do not beat him ,,,, do not scold him very badly ...

    everything is in ur hand ... u have to be intelligent ... remember MOTHER IS THE BEST N FRIST TEACHER FOR THE KIDS ...


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