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Thread: Senior Citizen Problems

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    Senior Citizen Problems

    Hey friends,

    Nowadays, we can see a lot of orphanages, old-age homes and re-establishment centers everywhere in the city. The only thing, which is excruciating is old-age homes. The increase in the number of these homes is because of the family members are running out of time to listen to the problems of the elders.

    I would like to know, what are all the problems that a senior citizen is facing??? If this is known, we can eradicate all the old-age homes in our country.

    Share your valuable replies!!!

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    Yes Friend,

    The number of people in old-age homes is persistently escalating in our country. Most of the parents are now deciding to live in old-age homes rather than living with their children. The problems that most of our senior citizens are facing are:

    Lack of care
    Emotional support
    Economic support

    All these problems arise in the home. The children are not treating them properly and most of them are treating their parents as aliens. The reason is, they do not want to share an emotional bond with parents.

    They don’t remember the foundation of their life built up by the parents. Also they have forgetten the moral and ethical duties towards their parents. Children have no time to look after their parents mainly because of their busy schedule. The elders are getting neglected because of the fast-life, money-oriented minds, industrialization, inflation, etc.

    Every senior citizen is in need of family life. They want to lead a normal life with of security, care and dignity.

    There are many laws are endorsed to solve the issues faced by the senior citizen. They are:
    The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act 1956
    National Old Age Pension Scheme (NOAP)
    The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and senior Citizen Act (Senior Citizen Act) 2007

    All the senior citizens can claim their rights under these acts.

    The youngsters or the children of the family should come forward to stand up against the injustice caused to the senior citizens in our society.

    Do not treat your parents like burden, especially when they need you and keep in mind that ‘you will also become old one day or the other’!!!

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    According to my grand parents they said these when i asked them what are the problems that your facing today. they had to say these words given below.

    I would say financial problems first.. having to deal with inflation and medical costs. Many more senior citizens like me and others are having to continue working to make ends meet. sometime loneliness, Doing laundry and dishes are some of the common problems that every senior citizens today.

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    One of the critical stages of life is old age; the life becomes so difficult for them when they turn old. People do not like old age because they think that there are lots of problems attached to senior citizens. One of the main problems is health issues. Not only these, there are hell lot of problems that old age people face, i would like to mention those with you;

    They will lack proper care from the children, which is the reason lot of old age people will look for the help of orphanages, old age homes etc....
    One of the most common health issues is “heart disease” among senior citizens.
    They will depend on others even for small things; this is one of the most common problems.

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    hey All,

    This is very common nowadays that we see or we read, we come across these kind of issues in every family, that there is no value for old citizens... Logh aksar yeh bhool jatein hain ki woh bhi kabhi budhein honghe tabh unke saath aise hoga toh kaise rehga???? Please share your opinions here if you want to join this forum to support the old citizens please feel free to join with me here

    Thank you!!

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