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Thread: Nichayathartham Ceremony Rituals

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    Nichayathartham Ceremony Rituals

    My friend is getting married to and Hindu man next year, as we are basically Christian we donít know what ritual Hindu people follow for Nichayathartham Ceremony. We wanted to know there customs, kindly somebody share the relevant details here!

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    Engagement ceremony is mostly celebrated in the same style in all the religions except for few variations.

    Well, In south India the engagement is called as Nichayathartham, this is done in front of both bride and groomís family members. During this occasion bride and groomís parent exchange plates which consists apparels, Gold ring, Betel leaves, Turmeric KumKum, Flowers, and Garlands & Coconut. Finally Parents give oath in front of crowd telling so and so person is engaged for marriage and bride and groom exchange rings.

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