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Thread: Wedding Invitation Quotes for Friends

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    Wedding Invitation Quotes for Friends

    Hey Dear Friends,

    I have a few friends in my life whom I want to invite on my wedding day in a special way, so if you guys have any heart touching quotes to print on my invitation kindly share with me..

    Thanking you so much in advance!!
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    Hii Dear !! Congratulation.. On your Special day May god less you!

    I would like to suggest you few wordings hope it will help you to print it on your card.

    And together as one,
    we will take a walk to eternity

    God has led two lives
    to take one path.

    God has led two lives
    to take one path.

    Love is where the heart is,
    and our hearts are in love.

    There is nothing so powerful,
    as true love itself.

    A heart symbolizes love,
    and the beauty it bears within.

    Bells shall sound, birds shall sing,
    for on this day we shall wed with this ring.

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