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Thread: Quotes for Inviting Friends for Marriage

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    Quotes for Inviting Friends for Marriage

    Hey all,

    I am planning to order a special card for my friends to invite them on my wedding. Though Iíve sought help from many of my family members and acquaintances, I am looking for best quotes to be printed on the card specifically designed to invite all my close buddies.

    Please help me in providing the best quotes!!!

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    Hey Dude,

    My hearty wishes for your wedding in advance!!!
    Here are some of the quotes to be printed in Invitation Card to invite all your close ones…

    1. Life of caring and sharing,
    a love of endless giving together . . .
    The honor of your presence
    is requested at the reaffirmation
    of wedding vows of

    2. As the flower blooms and petals unfold,
    we're soon to say "to have and to hold."
    We've made the plans and can hardly wait.
    Our wedding is near and here is the date!
    We're getting married on

    Please join us for a day to remember!

    3. Because you have shared in their lives
    by your friendship and love,
    the honor of your presence is requested
    at the reaffirmation of the wedding vows of

    Just married!

    4. This day I will marry
    my friend, the one who
    shares my dreams

    One love that
    is shared by two

    Two hearts that
    beat as one...

    And the two
    shall become one...

    5. If finding a gift is hard to do
    our wishing well is just for you!
    A gift of money is placed in the well,
    then make a wish but do not tell!
    If it is however a gift you find,
    please feel assured
    we will not mind.

    6. More than just kisses so far we've shared,
    Our home has been made with Love and Care,
    Most things we need we've already got,
    And in our home we can't fit a lot!
    A donation to our wishing well would be great,
    But only if you wish to participate.

    If anyone have your own quotes or wordings, please come forward to share it here!!!

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