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Thread: Places to Visit in Kanchipuram

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    Places to Visit in Kanchipuram

    Hello everyone,

    My sister is going on an excursion through school management to Kanchipuram, by next week. She asked me about the sightseeing places in Kanchipuram, for which I have no answer. I just know that, it is a weaving centre in Tamil Nadu with many beautiful temples that attract pilgrims throughout the year.

    I am looking for the list of all tourist spots in Kanchipuram to guide my sibling before her excursion. Please share your valuable replies!!!

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    Hey Friend,

    Kanchipuram is the home to major Hindu Temples in India. Out of 108 holy temples of Hindu god Vishnu, called the Divyadesam, 14 are located in this city. as this is one of the holy cities of India, this has lot of temples. Apart from the temples, the city is boasted with tourist spots like monuments, sanctuaries, museum, etc.


    Ekambareswar Temple
    Sri Kailasanathar Temple
    Varadaraja Perumal Temple
    Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple
    Sri Vaikunda Perumal Temple
    Sri Subramaniya Swami Temple
    Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple


    Rajiv Gandhi Memorial
    Arignar Anna Illam
    War Cemetery


    Vedantangal Bird Sanctuary

    Museum - Sakunthala Jagannatham Museum of Folk Art

    Theme parks - around kanchipuram are Queensland and Kishkintha.

    Other places are Kalpakkam, Maduranthagam, Thiruparuthikundram, Uthiramerur.

    Enjoy the stunning scenic beauty of the city!!!

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    These are some place for your travel.
    1.Kailasanatha Temple
    2.Ekambareshvara Temple
    3.Kamakshi Amman Temple
    4.Devarajaswami Temple
    5.Varadharaja Perumal Temple

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