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Thread: Wedding Invitation Matter

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    Wedding Invitation Matter

    Hi friends,

    My friend, who is in love with a girl since 10 years, is going to do Registrar Marriage’. You all know that, for Registrar Marriage, we have to submit the documents like Marriage Invitation, Marriage Photos, Proof from the temple where the wedding took place and two witnesses from either side.

    We are planning to get an invitation card, and we are running out of ideas about the contents to be printed.

    Can anyone tell me, what are the rules for writing wedding invitations and give some samples for weeding invitation matter.

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    Hi Friend,

    You’re right!!! This is the simple and easiest way to get your marriage registered effortlessly. The rules for writing wedding invitations are:

    • The bride name to be written first,
    • Write the wedding sequence as follows:
    1. wedding date
    2. hours of wedding
    3. wedding venue
    • Date and time are written with letters, not numbers
    • Date and time written without capital, except in the name of the month.

    Thank you, Lord for the love we share,
    for bringing us together in shelter of Your care, for kindness, patience,
    gentleness to help us live as one, and for Your presence always
    in the life we’ve just begun.

    “Bride Name”
    The Daughter of “Bride’s Parent’s Names”


    “Groom’s Name”
    The Son of “Groom’s Parent’s Names”


    There are many pleasures we have been through together,
    therefore, we

    Bride’s Name
    Groom’s Name

    together with our parents,

    Together with all our friends,
    inviting you in
    our wedding

    on ‘Day’, ‘Date’
    at ‘Time’

    ‘Venue Details’

    If finding a gift is hard to do
    our wishing well is just for you!
    A gift of money is placed in the well,
    then make a wish but do not tell!
    If it is however a gift you find,
    please feel assured
    we will not mind.

    This day I will marry
    my friend, the one who
    shares my dreams

    One love that
    is shared by two

    Two hearts that
    beat as one...

    And the two
    shall become one...

    Best of Luck!!!

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